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We gravitate to results -

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From Concept to Implementation, we have done it all.
Added Value

We find, create and distribute  Value

Paper Abstract


  • Business Strategy

  • Business Intelligence

  • Market Research

  • Market Expansion

  • Strategic Partner Selection

  • Digital Transformation

Abstract Architecture


  • Business Development

  • Market Entry

  • Partnerships & JVs

  • M&A

  • Transaction Origination

  • Fundraising



  • Scalable Technologies Development / SaaS

  • Customized Tech Solutions

  • Cloud Computing

  • DaaS & VDI

  • Videoconferencing

  • AI Platforms

About Us

We are

Gravity Partners is a consulting and tech firm, specialised in international strategic partnerships, business developments and technology creation.


We provide Advisory, Consulting and Investment services to private and public companies, in a view to deliver optimised and value-added results. Our professional and long-term relationships with key stakeholders among various industries, enable us to translate our clients' expectations into practical and dependable business solutions, and hence to act as their gravitational partner for value creation.

We  are an entrepreneurial driven company, valuing a dynamic and success-focused approach for our clients and our own ventures, making us the right partner for your endeavors.






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"Be the difference in order to make a difference"

KPMG Luxembourg Collaboration
KPMG Luxembourg Collaboration

For DaaS, Videoconferencing & Cloud Services

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Cloud Tech Innovator Award 2020
Cloud Tech Innovator Award 2020

Gravity Partners prized 'Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year 2020' Award

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Hybree Cloud
Hybree Cloud

Hybree Cloud wants to provide a European Cloud Technology alternative

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